@UberFacts: A Look Under the Veil

To figure out who my industry interview was going to be I began thinking about my interests. The two things I enjoy most is sports and useless information, which led me to my choice. For those who follow me on Twitter know I am a big proponent of UberFacts. I retweet them at least once a day if not more. I decided to do my interview to find out who is the “man behind the curtain” and where they get their information. Unfortunately I did the interview through email so I didn’t get to physically meet Kris Sanchez, creator of UberFacts.


Where did you come up with the idea for UberFacts?

I came up with the idea for UberFacts while bored up at SUNY New Paltz. I had some down time and decided to research some useless information. I was relatively new to Twitter and decided to create a second Twitter account (first being my personal account) dedicated to tweeting this useless information, mostly for my own enjoyment.


Who are the creators of UberFacts? With that, can you give a little background about the creators?

I am the one and only creator of UberFacts. I grew up in New York City and I always wanted to entertain myself and those around me. At 20 years of age, it’s cool to know that my account entertains 1.3 million people on a daily basis.


Which did you come up with first: the site or the Twitter feed?

The Twitter feed came first, then the UberFacts website. 


If the site came first, why did you get on Twitter? If the site did not come first, why did you create the site?

I created the site originally as a blog to expand on any interesting articles that I had come across, as well as facts that I felt needed further explanation.  


How many people do you have working for UberFacts?

I have one person working directly for UberFacts, which is myself. I also have a business manager to help handle some of the larger projects that I will soon be working on. 


I saw you have people submit “facts.” Do you just use those facts or do you come up with your own as well? Also do you check to make sure the “facts” are accurate?

Yes, there is a “submit facts” section, however I rarely use those. Often times, people submit facts that they copied and pasted off of the UberFacts Twitter feed (I know, that makes no sense) or things that I do not feel are really that interesting. Any fact that is submitted that I do consider using is always verified before it’s posted. 


Sometimes you do use “useless” information but you also use “beneficial” as well. Do you try to balance out between the two or do you just put out whatever?

I do not intentionally balance out the amount of “useless” and “useful” information that I post. Both are very subjective ideas, so I just post whatever! 


How popular is the Twitter feed?

UberFacts is currently one of the most actively tweeted accounts on Twitter at the moment. The account is followed by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jessie J, Jamie Lynn Spears, and DJ Pauly D. According to Klout.com, UberFacts has a “True Reach” of over 3,000,000 people. That is the number of people that see tweets from UberFacts every day. 


Did you foresee the popularity?

I did not think the account would become so popular so quickly! I’ve had the account since 2009, but did not start using it actively until December of 2011. After 2 years I made it a point to tweet everyday and within 3 months, had over 1,000,000 followers. 


I know I retweet your information all the time. How often do others retweet on average?

I’m very proud to say that UberFacts has become the 36th most retweeted account on Twitter of all time! On average, my tweets are retweeted 70,000 times every day. That’s more than 2 million retweets every month! 


Are you making any money off of UberFacts? If not, are there plans for the future to make money off it?

I do collect advertising revenue, but I did it for free before it became popular. I just enjoy it! 


Have you run into any major problems with the Twitter feed?

UberFacts has a good amount of impersonators and parody accounts. Luckily, Twitter verified the account so users know which one is authentic. That and other accounts copying tweets with giving UberFacts proper attribution, but it’s to be expected with content so good! 


Are there any plans to expand past UberFacts?

I have plans to expand UberFacts as well as past it. I’m a pretty innovative guy and have a few new things I’m working on!


Where do you see social media going over the next 5 to 10 years?

As if social media isn’t one of the biggest mediums already, I see it become the absolute biggest! It’s an extremely convenient way to receive an endless amount of information! 


Overall do you see the new social media has a good thing or a nuisance?

It’s a little bit of both. It’s a great way to reach so many people, but unfortunately, others often abuse this. I’ve experienced it first hand. The ease of being able to communicate with someone else at a distance (behind a screen and keyboard) has desensitized many people. I think they often forget that someone somewhere is reading the comments they make and that it does affect them, whether they want to admit it or not. 

The interview was very interesting, and I enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed how people will copy and paste facts from the Twitter feed to the actual website. Hilarious. I want to again thank Kris for taking time out his schedule to help me out. Kris is a nice guy who was willing to do this. He didn’t just brush me off but took time to answer my questions, and I really appreciate it. He made a fan out of me for life. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow @UberFacts.