NBA Draft ‘12

Last night was the NBA Draft. For some clubs, their fortunes may have changed and for others a minor set back. No pick can ruin a team but it sure can change a franchise. With good scouting and a little luck, teams are able to find the potential missing piece for a championship. Take the Spurs for example. They use the draft to reload their bench and add future potential starters. For most teams, they’re not going to get a return on their investment for at least a couple years, if any. It’s like buying real estate. You buy some property and hope you can make money it down the road. Well last night, teams bought the property and now will see what the return on investment is going to be. There was some history made as well. For the first time, teammates were taken number one and number two and Michael Jordan didn’t make the worst pick of the night.

1.     New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis, Forward.

This was a good pick for the Hornets. They made the right choice. As soon as they won the number one pick, everyone knew they were going to choose Davis, so there was no surprise. Davis will make an impact right away for them, as he will improve their defensive stature as soon as he steps onto the court. I don’t think he will be a major game changer like a LeBron James or Tim Duncan, but he will be a nice player who makes a few All-Star teams, and he will be your defensive anchor for years to come.

2.     Charlotte Bobcats – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Forward.

All day we heard trade rumors for this pick but Jordan said no to all and took Kidd-Gilchrist. The thing I worry about is Jordan, who is known for having terrible drafts, drafted him. I do, however, think Kidd-Gilchrist is a hard worker and will bring that mentality to the Bobcats. 

3.     Washington Wizards – Bradley Beal, Guard.

This kid could become a great shooter at the NBA level. A lot of teams were trying to move up so they could draft him. I’ve noticed, however, that Florida guards have not done that well in the NBA in recent years.

4.     Cleveland Cavaliers – Dion Waiters, Guard.

This was a reach for the Cavs. They could have traded down and gotten him later in the draft. Waiters was not a full-time starter at Syracuse and will now have to adjust to that in the NBA. Good luck. This pick has bust written all over it.

5.     Sacramento Kings – Thomas Robinson, Forward.

Robinson is definitely the feel-good story of the draft. I think anyone with a heart will be rooting for this kid to succeed. He’s a hard worker who can rebound. The thing to worry about is his ability to score at the next level. He’ll never be superstar but will have nice career in the NBA. 

6.     Portland Trailblazers – Damian Lillard, Guard.

With his speed and athleticism, Lillard has a chance to be a solid player. He’ll most likely be a poor man’s Tony Parker which isn’t bad by any means.

7.     Golden State Warriors – Harrison Barnes, Forward.

This kid has bust written all over him. He is the next potential UNC miss that seems to becoming a trend in recent years. Every year UNC kids are highly touted but never amount to much in the NBA. Well, Barnes is the next one. 

8.     Toronto Raptors – Terrence Ross, Guard.

This was another stretch pick. Ross is considered a shooter yet hit less than 38% of his three-point attempts. I’m calling a bust on this guy. 

9.     Detroit Pistons – Andre Drummond, Center.

He’s an athletic freak if you listen to Jay Bilas. He still young and will take a few years to fully develop into a solid center. He has a high ceiling. If he reaches his potential, he could be a great pick for the Pistons. I see him as just a solid starter who never really dominates. 

10. New Orleans Hornets – Austin Rivers, Guard.

All we’ve heard about Rivers is he has an ego and is selfish. Maybe so but who isn’t in the NBA. You need selfishness if you want to a star in this league. I see Rivers as a Darren Collison type. Can create his own shot, drive to the basket, and sometimes score at will. He’ll be a solid player for years to come. 

11. Portland Trailblazers – Meyers Leonard, Center.

Bust. Bust. Bust. Bust. Do I need to say more? He never had that “Wow!” factor at Illinois. He was just an okay player. I’m not even going to mention the “Trailblazers drafting centers in the 1st round” curse, but we all know how this will go. 

12. Houston Rockets – Jeremy Lamb, Guard.

Lamb is going to have to develop into a Ray Allen type due to his lack of muscle and athleticism. He’ll have to be a jump shooter cause he won’t want to get into the painted area.


13. Phoenix Suns – Kendall Marshall, Guard.

Another UNC player I would worry about. Like the others over the years, he has potential but will most likely never fully reach it and be just another guy in the NBA.

14. Milwaukee Bucks – John Henson, Forward.

Back-to-back UNC players taken in the draft. Back-to-back busts too. He’ll be solid on defense but will struggle offensively. Can you say backup?

15. Philadelphia 76ers – Maurice Harkless, Forward.

Another stretch here. Harkless has all the potential to be a bust more so than the steal of the draft. 

16. Houston Rockets – Royce White, Forward.

White can be a solid player. He will never be a superstar but if he wants to start he’s going to have to work on his ability to shoot. He struggles in this department. 

17. Dallas Mavericks – Tyler Zeller, Center.

Zeller will be nice reserve who can come into games to give some relief to the starter. He’s a Jeff Foster type who will give you everything he has for the time he’s on the court. He may one day even start for some team for a time but he will never be a consistent full-time starter. 

18. Houston Rockets – Terrence Jones, Forward.

This is the Rockets third pick in the 1st round. They may have selected three really good bench players. I don’t see any of these guys being the difference for them. They’re turning into the Pacers. Solid starters and bench but no superstar. Jones has to make sure not to get to down on himself. Stay positive young man. 

19. Orlando Magic – Andrew Nicholson, Forward.

Hello Mr. Pine. It’s nice to meet you. I look forward to riding you for most of my career. Little athleticism = bad NBA player. 

20. Denver Nuggets – Evan Fournier, Guard.

This pick won’t even matter for at least another year or two if he’s like every other European player. He’ll probably stay in France and then the Nuggets will trade his rights, and we’ll never hear about this kid again. 

21. Boston Celtics – Jared Sullinger, Forward.

Sullinger is a hard worker and will be a solid reserve for the Celtics. The thing you have worry about is his back. Will it stay healthy enough for him to have a long NBA career? 

22. Boston Celtics – Fab Melo, Center.

This is an experiment. If it works out, they found their center of the future. If not, they wasted a pick. The upside far out ways the downside. 

23. Atlanta Hawks – John Jenkins, Guard.

The Hawks needed another shooter and they found one in Jenkins. He’s a good three-point shooter and will help Atlanta in the near future. 

24. Cleveland Cavaliers – Jared Cunningham, Guard.

The Cavs draft was not so good this year. They’re selecting a point guard who doesn’t pass and doesn’t shoot that well. Really? Why not just pick up Jamaal Tinsley? 

25. Memphis Grizzlies – Tony Wroten, Jr., Guard.

Bad pick by the Grizzlies. Poor defender and a poor shooter, but he can rebound.  

26. Indiana Pacers – Miles Plumlee, Forward.

Miles Plumlee? Really? Come on. Apparently the Pacers are sinking themselves into free agency to help improve the team. He’s a 2nd round pick taken in the 1st round. Wasted pick. 

27. Miami Heat – Arnett Moultrie, Forward.

He’s an athletic wing who can run up and down the floor, which is exactly what the Heat so he should fit in pretty well. He needs to work on his jump shot if he wants to play many minutes for them. 

28. Oklahoma City Thunder – Perry Jones, Forward.

This is a project for the Thunder. If it works out, they have the steal of the draft. Hands down. If not, it won’t hurt them.

29. Chicago Bulls – Marquis Teague, Guard.

Well the Bulls definitely expect Derek Rose to be out for a while. Teague can be a solid backup to C.J. Watson who should be the starter going into next season. Nice pickup by the Bulls. 

30. Golden State Warriors – Festus Ezeli

He’s big. That’s about it. He’ll be used just to clog up the paint as he has no post-up moves, face-up game, or even a real ability to rebound.

Picking Up The Pace

This offseason could be the biggest in Pacers history. Last season, they took big steps in the regular season and playoffs. They took the number three overall seed in the Eastern Conference Playoffs with a 42-24 record. They then easily took care of the Dwight Howard-less Orlando Magic in five games in the first round. They moved into the second round against the Miami Heat where they were up 2-1 but ended up losing to the eventual NBA Champion Heat in six games.

After a “successful” 2011-2012 campaign, the Pacers look to be on the cusp of at least being in the Eastern Conference Finals if not the NBA Finals. They haven’t been this consistently good in seven years so it will be interesting to see what they do in the draft and free agency, if anything.

Also I’m curious to see what they do now that Larry Bird has decided to resign and their General Manager. This team is close but too keys to their front office have decided to leave. They will, however, have a man who spent 24 years building the Pacers in Donnie Walsh who is returning after four absent seasons. Walsh will be back the first day of free agency, July 1st.

The Pacers will have $21 million to spend this offseason, and they may use every bit of that cash. There are some vital positions the Pacers must resign and find some depth if they want to continue the success of the last two seasons. Here are the top 3 moves the Pacers must make this offseason:

1.    Resign Hibbert and Hill.

The two biggest moves the Pacers must make this offseason will be to resign Roy Hibbert and George Hill. Both are intricate parts to the team.

George Hill

They picked up Hill last year during the NBA Draft. They traded their 2011 1st round pick, Kawhi Leonard. Hill had an up and down season. He was the reserve point guard to Darren Collison for most of the year until Collison got hurt late in the season. Hill took over and the Pacers’ offense seemed to flow better as Hill is more of a pass first type of point guard whereas Collison is more of the Derek Rose or Russell Westbrook type, shoot first pass later. Hill is a restricted free agent, which means any team that tries to sign him then the Pacers have the chance to match the offer.

Roy Hibbert

Hibbert is also a restricted free agent. He is the biggest piece to the Pacers’ puzzle, pun intended. He has gotten better each year he has been in the league and last year took big strides in becoming a dominant big man. There aren’t many good centers anymore at least he can be the second best center in the East behind only Dwight Howard. Both are leaps and bounds ahead of anyone else in the East. There has been talk the Dallas Mavericks may go after him with a $13 million/year contract. If so, the Pacers need to match. He’s too valuable.

2.    Sign Deron Williams

Williams is the number one free agent going into this offseason. He’s a top five point guard who will make any team better right away. Williams says he wants to go to a team who can win soon so I say why not the Pacers? They have a good young core and if Hibbert is resigned Williams will have an optimal big man to lob passes to in the open court.

The Pacers need someone who can put the ball in the hoop, and Williams can do just that. When need be, he is a scoring machine and will provide that “superstar” status the Pacers so desperately lack as of now. Last season, the Pacers were a three seed and two games away from the Eastern Conference Finals. I don’t know of another team Williams may choose that is closer to a championship than the Pacers.

His number one choice will be the Dallas Mavericks because Dallas is the hometown of his wife, and she wants to be closer to home. The biggest obstacle for the Pacers is Williams will not choose them because they are a small market. He says he wants to win now but in actuality I think he wants to play for a big market, so he can finally get the exposure he feels he deserves. If Williams was smart, he would choose the Pacers, but we all know how much ego out ways intelligence in these situations.

3.    Build the depth through free agency

The best way to build depth for the Pacers is through free agency. There is only one true superstar, Deron Williams, but there are quite a few quality starters/backups for the Pacers to delve into this offseason. I will give you my top five: 

1.    Eric Gordon

Gordon is coming off an injury-plagued season. He was unable to start the season and only played in a handful of games. He is rehabbing his knee and is expected to be ready to go to start the season. If healthy, Gordon could be the scorer the Pacers so desperately need. He is an “Indiana son” as he played both his high school and college ball in here. He is beloved by most in the state and rumor has it he wants to come back.

The biggest problem is he also is a restricted free agent for the New Orleans Hornets, and they most likely will match any offer as they are lacking a superstar. The thing I would worry about is there may be too much hype for him to be truly successful, as everyone will always expect more like when he was at Indiana University.

2.    O.J. Mayo

If there is no shot at getting Eric Gordon, they should go after Mayo. Larry Bird has tried and tried to get this kid to Indiana but has failed via trade. They actually had him at the trade deadline in 2011 for Josh McRoberts and a 1st round pick but the trade fell through because it was done too late. He’s been coming off the bench for the Memphis Grizzlies and would be a nice scoring option for the Pacers.

3.    Carl Landry

Landry would be a good fit for them, as he is scrappy and a great rebounder. He’s not a scoring threat but he defensively solid and gritty. Plus he played his college ball at Purdue.

4.    Chris Kaman

Kaman would be a perfect backup for Hibbert. This is another player the Pacers have gone after before but failed. If we could get him for about $6 million/year, it would be great buy. He like Landry is a good rebounder and does have offensive moves.

5.    Greg Oden

Oden has been prone to injury since he was drafted number one overall in the 2007 NBA Draft. He has never played a full season and has been a “bust” since coming into the league. Even with his injuries, he has the potential to be a good center. If he signs, he could back up Hibbert and allow himself to get healthy by only playing 15-20 minutes a night. It would let him ease back into the game while giving him valuable experience and confidence so one day he may be able to again start for a team. He’s not a major scoring option, but he would help with defense in the middle and help if Hibbert gets into foul trouble.

If the Pacers can make any of these moves, especially the Williams’ deal, they will be a contender for the Eastern Conference Finals. The future is bright, but these moves can make the future even brighter. 


In 1999, a cyclist captivated a nation by winning the Tour de France. It wasn’t the win itself that caught the nation’s attention but what this man had to go through to get the win. He was a cancer survivor who worked hard and over came so many obstacles to take the yellow jersey. He go on to win not one but seven straight Tour de Frances and we as a nation were enthralled with him. That man was Lance Armstrong. For 13 years, he has been on a pedestal but now he may be getting ready to fall off as new allegations are coming to light that he cheated to win. First we need to look at his wins and their impact on us. Then we’ll look at the previous and the new allegations to see how our impression of him has changed or will change.

Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996 at the age of twenty-five. The cancer had spread to his lungs, abdomen, and brain. He had surgery to remove the cancerous testicle and began to have chemotherapy to treat it. His cancer went into remission and in early 1998 he began training for race events.

After a year of training and some competitive racing, Lance was ready for Tour de France. The Tour is an annual bicycle race held in France and nearby countries. It typically covers around 2,000 miles and lasts three weeks. Lance had not competed in the Tour for almost three years. He was able to win four stages and won his first Tour by seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds. It was an amazing story. Cancer survivor comes back and wins the Tour de France in his return. Hollywood writers couldn’t tell a better story. And it didn’t stop there.

The next year Lance was back and again won the Tour this time however by a slightly lower margin, six minutes and two seconds. In 2001, he won again to take his third straight Tour de France. As the previous three years, Lance won the yellow jersey to his fourth straight. Lance returned to the Tour the next year and guess what? He won again. The pattern continued as he won his sixth straight with some new personal records for stage wins.

His final Tour de France victory came in 2005. There had been some grumblings he may retire after this Tour but it wasn’t confirmed until after the victory. He decided to retire after winning his seventh straight Tour de France. It was a record for consecutive Tour victories. He tried to make a comeback in 2009 but was not nearly as successful and after two years decided to officially retire for good in 2011.

That was racing career, which is made him famous, but his impact was felt more in the cancer community than anywhere else. After his diagnosis of cancer, Lance started the Lance Armstrong Foundation to help support those with cancer. The foundation was stared in 1997. It’s most famous for its production of the yellow “Livestrong” bracelets, which were very popular in the mid-2000s. With the sale of those bracelets, LAF was able to raise more than $325 million. This raising of money is his biggest accomplishment in my opinion. Cancer is affecting more and more people everyday, and we need money for research, so we can cure this awful disease.

What Lance has done has been an amazing feat. He’s started a foundation for cancer patients and won seven-straight Tour de Frances. The real question is how was he able to win those races? Was it hard work? Or did he cheat? For years, we have heard rumors that Lance cheated to win those races by using illegal drugs to gain an edge.

One rumor popped up after Lance began working with Michele Ferrari. He was banned from practicing medicine with cyclists by the Italian Cycling Federation due to a conviction of sports fraud and abuse of the medical profession. (Note: charges were later overturned) Lance did end ties with Ferrari after the conviction but it has been said he has been seen with Ferrari as late as 2010. In 2004, in the midst of Lance’s dominance, a book was published accusing Lance of using performance-enhancing drugs.

In 2005, Mike Anderson accused him of using androstenone. Anderson had worked for Lance for two years but was terminated and sued. They settled out of court. Also in 2005, a French newspaper, L’Équipe, claimed that six urine samples taken from Lance during the prologue of five stages in 1999 had tested positive for EPO, a banned substance. However, after an investigation, the samples “did not satisfy any standard of for doping control testing” as stated by Emile Vrijman.

Another French newspaper, Le Monde, in 2006 reported that Lance had used performance-enhancing drugs after brain surgery in 1996. In 2010, a former teammate, Floyd Landis, accused Lance of doping in 2002 and 2003 and that the team director bribed an official to keep a positive test quiet in 2002. Nothing came of these claims.

In 2011, another former teammate, Tyler Hamilton, said Lance and himself had taken EPO before and during the 1999, 2000, and 2001 Tour de Frances. I have always heard “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” By that I mean, people keep coming out stating that Lance is cheating yet nothing ever comes of it but the fact they keep saying it makes me suspicious. What’s the point of accusing him? The public is on Lance’s side so if you come out and make a claim against him all there is going to be is backlash.

So why attack Lance? It makes me wonder if there is not some truth. Another accusation happened recently, as Lance was accused for doping by the USADA. They have blood samples from 2009 and 2010 and testimonies from other cyclist to back their claim. If these turn out to be true, Lance is in for world of hurt. He will become one of the most hated figures in not only America but the world as well. They will strip him of his seven Tour de France victories and his stardom will be finished. His foundation will be in serious trouble because who wants to donate to a cheater? Nike will drop him and the whole “Livestrong” sentiment will die.

I just wonder about the cancer patients and survivors who are or have used his story for inspiration. They’re the ones I worry about most. His story was so awe-inspiring but to find he only won because he cheated would be devastating. If these recent allegations turn out to be true, then hell hath no furry like a world’s scorn. 

Long Live “The King”

A king is one that holds a preeminent position, especially a chief among competitors as defined by Webster’s Dictionary. For nine years, LeBron James has been prematurely anointed the “King” of basketball. Since he entered the league at the age of 18 out of high school, James has dominated in the regular season but has come up short of reaching his ultimate goal of a World Championship. The 2011-2012 season could be different for James as he is on the precipice of winning his first NBA title.

This journey to a potential championship has not been easy, as he has had to go through many hardships to even get to this point. In 2003, James was drafted number one overall in the NBA Draft. He exploded onto the scene as he scored 25 points in his first regular season game. He would go on to win the Rookie of the Year award. In his third year, James led the Cavaliers to the playoffs. As with his rookie debut, he exploded with a triple-double in his first playoff game. Unfortunately, the Detroit Pistons bounced him in the second round. He would, however, get his revenge the next year by beating the Pistons in six games in the Eastern Conference Finals. James led the Cavs from a 0-2 deficit by winning four straight including a game where he scored 29 of the Cavs’ final 30 points including 25 straight to end the game. In spite of this great victory, the San Antonio Spurs swept the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. James faired pretty well in his first Finals. He averaged 22.0 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 6.8 assists, but it wasn’t enough.

The next year didn’t fair as well. The Cavs were defeated in seven games by the Boston Celtics. In game seven, James scored 45 points but again he alone was not enough. The 2008-2009 season ended in the same way as the previous with Cavs losing in the playoffs. This time it was against the Orlando Magic. James’ one highlight was a game winner in game two, which turned out to be the only victory for them in that series. The next year, James’ final year with Cavs, the Boston Celtics again eliminated them. After this series, James began to have serious doubts if he would ever be able to win a title with the Cavaliers.

In the summer of 2010, James was to become an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career. The previous year all that was talked about was “Where will LeBron go?” Well now the time was upon him, and he had career defining decision to make. Throughout the summer all sorts of rumors were coming out about where he would go. People thought the New York Knicks because James is a big Yankees fan, and he loves New York City. They thought the New Jersey Nets because Jay-Z owns a piece of the team, and they are moving to Brooklyn. They thought the Cavaliers because of loyalty, and he grew up in Ohio. It wasn’t until right before we found where he was going that Miami began popping up as a serious threat due to James being good friends with Dwyane Wade.

Finally it was upon us, James had decided where he was going and wanted to tell the world. On July 8, 2010, during an ESPN Special called “The Decision,” he let it be known he would be “taking his talents to South Beach.” The backlash for James was ridiculous. I understood Cleveland being upset but the rest of America made no sense. James went from one the most popular athletes to one of the most hated in an instance. People need to understand it was a business decision. It was not personal. Fans take things so personally sometimes and need to understand that James wants to win and he feels as though Miami is his best chance. Any normal person would do the same. If Michael Jordan didn’t think Chicago would ever win, do you think he would have stayed? Hell no. He would have been out of there faster than you could say “Bill Swerski’s Superfans.”

The reason most of America hates James is for one stupid “decision,” pun intended. When he first arrived in Miami, I will admit he came off as very cocky with his “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven…” rambling but if you actually watch and listen the video he has a huge smile and begins to laugh toward the end. He is completely joking. He was just having a good time and got a little carried away. Also if you listen he says the team has to do it the right way through hard work and perseverance but no one discusses this small tidbit. Everyone harps on the other part.

Many fans feel James got what he deserved in his first year in Miami. He had a “typical” regular season as he put his usual numbers. In the postseason, though, was a different story. He played well through the first few rounds of the playoffs as the Heat won the Eastern Conference and looked confident heading into the Finals against the Dallas Mavericks. After the Heat went up 2-1 on the Mavs, something happened to James. For some reason he began to freeze up during the most critical times of the game. He scored a total of 16 points in the fourth quarter and turned the ball over during crucial times. The Mavs came back and won the series in six, and James was ridiculed for his performance during the summer. People from all walks of life were just destroying James via the radio, newspaper, social media, or anything else they could mock him on. They were saying the pressure was too great for him.

When people say he can’t deal with pressure, they have no idea who LeBron James is. The guy has dealt with pressure his whole career. He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated as “The Chosen One” during his junior year of high school. Before he even got into the league, people were already declaring him the next great player. Like so many before him such as Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Penny Hardaway, and Grant Hill, James was to take the mantle as the “Next Michael Jordan.” Most of them failed, except Kobe, but James has stepped up and done pretty well for himself. He has won three MVPs and has reached the NBA Finals three times. He is not with without some blame for this pressure, though. He heaped some on himself by having “King” tattooed on his back and by wearing the number 23 in honor of Jordan while in Cleveland. He embraced the nickname, also the “Decision” and Miami parade didn’t help either. Throughout all this, he remains humble about his talents and achievements

If the Miami Heat can pull this out and win the NBA title this year, it will be interesting to see the change in tone the fans and media have for James. He has been spectacular in these playoffs. He has averaged over 30 points per game and has been the main reason the Heat has even gotten to this point. He has cut up the Oklahoma City Thunders’ defense with his ability to drive, pass, and post-up. I believe some opinions will change. People will finally recognize how great James really is but others will never give him the credit he deserves because he chose to play with two other stars instead of sticking it out in Cleveland. Others will hate on him, aka Skip Bayless, because they do not want to admit that they were wrong about this guy for so many years. No matter what James does they will pick apart and dissect his game to find the littlest flaws to take away from his accomplishments. It would be interesting to see how Michael Jordan would be treated in this day and age. The “King” may be taking his thrown soon enough, and the “Age of James” will begin. I can’t wait.

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@UberFacts: A Look Under the Veil

To figure out who my industry interview was going to be I began thinking about my interests. The two things I enjoy most is sports and useless information, which led me to my choice. For those who follow me on Twitter know I am a big proponent of UberFacts. I retweet them at least once a day if not more. I decided to do my interview to find out who is the “man behind the curtain” and where they get their information. Unfortunately I did the interview through email so I didn’t get to physically meet Kris Sanchez, creator of UberFacts.


Where did you come up with the idea for UberFacts?

I came up with the idea for UberFacts while bored up at SUNY New Paltz. I had some down time and decided to research some useless information. I was relatively new to Twitter and decided to create a second Twitter account (first being my personal account) dedicated to tweeting this useless information, mostly for my own enjoyment.


Who are the creators of UberFacts? With that, can you give a little background about the creators?

I am the one and only creator of UberFacts. I grew up in New York City and I always wanted to entertain myself and those around me. At 20 years of age, it’s cool to know that my account entertains 1.3 million people on a daily basis.


Which did you come up with first: the site or the Twitter feed?

The Twitter feed came first, then the UberFacts website. 


If the site came first, why did you get on Twitter? If the site did not come first, why did you create the site?

I created the site originally as a blog to expand on any interesting articles that I had come across, as well as facts that I felt needed further explanation.  


How many people do you have working for UberFacts?

I have one person working directly for UberFacts, which is myself. I also have a business manager to help handle some of the larger projects that I will soon be working on. 


I saw you have people submit “facts.” Do you just use those facts or do you come up with your own as well? Also do you check to make sure the “facts” are accurate?

Yes, there is a “submit facts” section, however I rarely use those. Often times, people submit facts that they copied and pasted off of the UberFacts Twitter feed (I know, that makes no sense) or things that I do not feel are really that interesting. Any fact that is submitted that I do consider using is always verified before it’s posted. 


Sometimes you do use “useless” information but you also use “beneficial” as well. Do you try to balance out between the two or do you just put out whatever?

I do not intentionally balance out the amount of “useless” and “useful” information that I post. Both are very subjective ideas, so I just post whatever! 


How popular is the Twitter feed?

UberFacts is currently one of the most actively tweeted accounts on Twitter at the moment. The account is followed by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Jessie J, Jamie Lynn Spears, and DJ Pauly D. According to, UberFacts has a “True Reach” of over 3,000,000 people. That is the number of people that see tweets from UberFacts every day. 


Did you foresee the popularity?

I did not think the account would become so popular so quickly! I’ve had the account since 2009, but did not start using it actively until December of 2011. After 2 years I made it a point to tweet everyday and within 3 months, had over 1,000,000 followers. 


I know I retweet your information all the time. How often do others retweet on average?

I’m very proud to say that UberFacts has become the 36th most retweeted account on Twitter of all time! On average, my tweets are retweeted 70,000 times every day. That’s more than 2 million retweets every month! 


Are you making any money off of UberFacts? If not, are there plans for the future to make money off it?

I do collect advertising revenue, but I did it for free before it became popular. I just enjoy it! 


Have you run into any major problems with the Twitter feed?

UberFacts has a good amount of impersonators and parody accounts. Luckily, Twitter verified the account so users know which one is authentic. That and other accounts copying tweets with giving UberFacts proper attribution, but it’s to be expected with content so good! 


Are there any plans to expand past UberFacts?

I have plans to expand UberFacts as well as past it. I’m a pretty innovative guy and have a few new things I’m working on!


Where do you see social media going over the next 5 to 10 years?

As if social media isn’t one of the biggest mediums already, I see it become the absolute biggest! It’s an extremely convenient way to receive an endless amount of information! 


Overall do you see the new social media has a good thing or a nuisance?

It’s a little bit of both. It’s a great way to reach so many people, but unfortunately, others often abuse this. I’ve experienced it first hand. The ease of being able to communicate with someone else at a distance (behind a screen and keyboard) has desensitized many people. I think they often forget that someone somewhere is reading the comments they make and that it does affect them, whether they want to admit it or not. 

The interview was very interesting, and I enjoyed it very much. I especially enjoyed how people will copy and paste facts from the Twitter feed to the actual website. Hilarious. I want to again thank Kris for taking time out his schedule to help me out. Kris is a nice guy who was willing to do this. He didn’t just brush me off but took time to answer my questions, and I really appreciate it. He made a fan out of me for life. If you haven’t already, make sure you follow @UberFacts. 

The night is always darkest before the dawn.